Public Call for Tenders - 
Procurement of software solution for the work of internal audit


10.10.2018 u 10:32

Partner Microcredit Foundation provides services of microfinance in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Credit operations began in April 1997 with the support of Mercy Corps/Scottish European Aid. 

293 employees are employed in Partner MKF and working in 60 offices within the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our mission is to provide financial services to economically active population without approach to commercial financial sources or whose approach to them is made difficult.

Through credit placement Partner Microcredit Foundation fulfils their social goals too by directly effecting the employment and creating new positions. 


Public Call for Tenders


Partner MKF invites all interested bidders to participate in the procurement procedure with the following subject:

  • Procurement of software solution for the work of internal audit

Right to participate belongs to all owners of software solution that can deliver and implement software solution which at least needs to contain more modules that make up one whole or complete (integral) solution supporting the following activities:

1.            planning of internal revision based on the risk appraisal,

2.            identification and risk appraisal identified by the internal audit,

3.            schedule of activities and tracking of performances of internal audit,

4.            audit conduct,

5.            use of templates, forms, questionnaires and check-lists,

6.            reporting of internal audit, and

7.            tracking of activities on closing measures.

Qualifying criteria for the delivery of bidding documents are:

- at least 3 references for implementation of the aforementioned functionalities

- at least 3 years of experience at the field of wanted software solution

Interested persons may take the bidding documentation for free by sending a request via e-mail at the address along with the delivery of contact information about the bidder. In case of request for additional information it is necessary to address exclusively via e-mail at the The response shall be delivered to all bidders who took the bidding documentation and contact information. The offer must be in one of the official languages of BIH or in the English language for bidders from other speaking area.

Deadline for submitting the offer is 10 November, 2018 at 4.30 p.m.

Public bid opening shall be conducted on 12 November, 2018 at 11 a.m. in the facilities of the central office in Tuzla.

The purchaser shall decide on the award of the agreement within 15 days from the date of public bid opening and the bidders shall be sent a written notification about that. The decision shall be made based on the criteria of the most favourable bid economically and based on the following criteria:

  • Technical characteristics
  • Previous experience
  • Reference list
  • Post guarantee keeping

The purchaser keeps the right not to choose any bidder if the bids do not fulfil the requests from the bidding documentation and in case that most favourable offered price is higher than the funds that the purchaser planned for the concrete procurement.

There will be negotiations with the chosen bidder.